About Butch Pet Foods, USA

Butch USA is the only importer of Butch Pet Foods Ltd. & Co products in the United States.  Butch USA was founded in 2017 to introduce and provide a safe, fresh, clean, meat-based alternative to dry kibble and raw product foods.

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About Butch Pet Foods Ltd & Co. (Bpf)

Bpf is a privately owned New Zealand pet food company that manufactures a unique product......fresh meat rolls for cats and dogs.

Butch was established in 1964, Ruawai, New Zealand, when founders Ian and Lorraine Roby created the meat roll as a healthy, safe and balanced alternative to feeding uncooked meat to dogs.

Today Bpf produces over 6 million dog and cat rolls annually and has one of the most efficient and innovative pet roll manufacturing facilities.

New Zealand's pet ownership is one of the highest in the world. It is said that over 90% have at least one pet. New Zealanders have a wide choice of pet food - chilled, dry food, pouches and cans of all major global brands. These have been available in New Zealand for decades yet fresh meat rolls are still the food of choice for dog owners accounting for over 50% of the volume sold.

In the fresh meat roll category for dogs, Bpf is the leader with a 55% share.

New Zealand has stringent bio-security measures, strict quarantine laws, high levels of food traceability and worldwide recognition for its disease-free status. This includes pet food, which in New Zealand is controlled by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA).

Bpf is licensed by the NZFSA. Our preparation, cooking, processing, packing and procedures all meet their exacting requirements for local and export trade.

Bpf meat rolls are becoming known worldwide as the finest quality pet food and can be found in supermarkets, pet stores, vet clinics in New Zealand, the United States, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, India, China, Japan and throughout the Pacific.

Bpf, Butch Pet Foods Ltd & Co., is the original manufacturer of fresh meat rolls. Their strict adherence to quality control has ensured that Bpf has been a trusted New Zealand business for over 45 years.