Why Semi-Moist Pet Food?

Semi-moist pet food for dogs and cats is relatively new in the US.  Most people in the US are familiar with dried "kibble."  Just peruse any pet food isle in a pet store and you will see bags after bags of kibble!  (Did you know that most of the products are all derived from five specific companies?)  

Semi-moist pet food, like Butch Pet Foods USA, is a lightly cooked, moisture rich product.  It is not raw and therefore presents no issue with bacteria or salmonella. The value of semi-moist pet food is the moisture content.

Dogs and cats would normally receive over 70% of their moisture through raw foods (which is why raw diets have exploded in popularity).  They are not designed to drink that amount of water, and so pets on a kibble diet tend to be chronically dehydrated.  Dehydration leads to all sorts of health issues, from allergies to digestive issues.  Semi-moist pet food ensures that your furry friends are receiving the right amount of moisture in a safe and biologically appropriate method. 

Finally, products like Butch Pet Foods are simple, clean sources of protein, vitamins, and minerals and nothing else; no additives, no preservatives, and very low sodium.  Compare the ingredients list from a bag of kibble to that of Butch Pet Foods: you will see how many ingredients and "meal" products are added to dried food compared to the simple ingredient list of semi-moist pet food.

The health benefits of semi-moist pet foods are well worth the investigation on your part.  Don't settle for products that are mass produced and inferior in quality. 

Give your pets the best: Butch Pet Foods USA!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.  Enjoy!