Teeth Cleaning and the Myth of Kibble

Did you know that kibble might actually lead to dental disease in dogs?  Many people believe that the crunchy effect of dry food helps clean their dog's teeth, but in reality it does nothing to prevent tarter build up!

Most kibbles contain high levels of carbohydrates, which break down as sugar and sugar is what can ultimately cause plaque build up and promote bacterial growth in the gums and teeth of your pet.  It is true that some treats are specifically designed to clean and scrub teeth, but don’t confuse these with complete nutrition dog food; they are a specialty item and not only add calories to your furry friends diet, but also put stress on your pocket book!  Continuing the use of kibble, with a specific belief that it somehow cleans your pet’s teeth, can also add to the total cost of ownership of your pet through expensive veterinarian bills.  So the next time you reach for the cup to scoop up that dried kibble that you saved a few bucks on, think twice about what the real cost in feeding your pet kibble really is!

Short of brushing your dog's teeth daily, the bet thing you can do for your pet’s teeth and overall health is to switch them off of kibble and onto a high quality, real ingredient, semi-moist pet food; this will lead to better oral hygiene and prevention of disease in the long run.  And you might find that those costly visits to the vet are far and few between as the health and vitality of your pet is restored!

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