How to Feed Butch Pet Food

Most people are very familiar with the scoop and pour method of feeding dry kibble.  While it is indeed easy, the negative health consequences to our fury friends are worth investigating.  If you haven't watched the documentary PET FOOleD on Netflix, it is worth the time to gain a different view on the pet food industry, and dry kibble in particular.

Since most people use a kibble, serving Butch Pet Food might be a new experience.  And for those of you currently feeding your pets a raw diet, the ease and simplicity of Butch semi-moist food rolls might be a welcomed change.  

The simple instructions are: slice, dice, and serve!  No need to peel back the wrapping; just use a serrated steak knife (or a Butch Knife) and cut directly through the wrapper on the serving lines provided and drop the slice into the food bowl.  The wrapper will then easily slide off, leaving you a nice slice of Butch food.   Dice the food into small cubes appropriate for the size of your pet and serve.  It's that easy.

When you're done, wrap the end of the roll in some plastic food wrap, or use a Butch End Cap, and put the roll back in the refrigerator.  And you're done.  And since Butch food is lightly cooked, there is no concern for bacterial growth or salmonella.  A roll will last about 10 days after it is opened.  It will last approximately 9 months from date of manufacture if unopened and kept refrigerated.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  Enjoy!